Store Your Whiskey Bottles Upright

There’s a common misconception amongst non whisk(e)y drinkers that whisk(e)y should be stored slanted to keep the cork wet, and thus, the seal on the whisk(e)y intact.

While this works with wine, it doesn’t work with whisk(e)y because of the high alcohol content.

This works for wine and beer bottles that are corked, because we’re dealing with a drink that’s around 4–16% ABV.

Whisk(e)y, as you’ll recall, is more than double that amount of alcoholic content at 40% ABV or 80 proof, minimum.

With that high of an alcoholic content, the alcohol in the whisk(e)y will just eat and destroy that cork, ruining the seal, and thus, achieving the exact opposite of what you want.

So do the sensible thing and don’t treat whisk(e)y like wine. Treat it like whisk(e)y, and store the bottles upright.

If you are concerned about keeping the cork moist, then all you need to do with whisk(e)y is once in a while just tilt the bottle down then right back up quickly, and that’s more than sufficient to keep a whisk(e)y cork moist, and keeping the seal nice and tight.